Friday 22 April 2011

All at sea!

My first UK sea dive this year was today at Trefor Pier.

It was definitely a good day to go, so I thought, and so did the other divers who were there in force.

There were at least two clubs diving. We had decided to do one dive (we needed to be home early) so we waited until the majority had done their first dive and dived in their surface interval.

The life below the pier seems to be less than the last time we dived there, whether it was because it is earlier in the year or the lack of free food from the fishermen who can no longer fish there I am not sure.

We did see a butter fish, a large flat fish, lots of small velvet swimming crabs, some shrimps, small edible crabs and some friendly wrasse.

We had a good dive, a good day out in the sunshine and met some familiar faces.

Oh... and John was on open circuit on his twinset so his rebreather had the day off and missed the 5.5m dive!

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