Sunday 17 July 2011

The weekend did not start off as planned, with us setting off an hour late.  Luckily Rachel and Paul, skipper and B&B owner. were okay about late check-in. Once settled in we met the rest of the divers, we had only knew one of the other divers before the trip.

The first day showed how the weekend was going to be, rain but with calm seas.  The dives were scenic drift dives, with cracking visibilty which was easily 15-20m!  Over the two days we did dives through swim throughs, furtled in kelp and through rocks.

We saw
  • big lobsters
  • squat lobsters
  • edible crabs
  • velvet swimming crabs
  • hermit crabs from large to minute
  • shrimps
  • loads of different types of brittle stars
  • star fish
  • sun stars
  • urchins
  • flat fish
  • wrasse
  • butter fish
  • blenny
  • ling
  • wolf fish
  • loads of dead man's fingers
  • soft corals
  • beds of anemones
To name a few of the things we saw.

A big thank you to Richard for organising and inviting us on his club trip.

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