Wednesday 7 March 2012

Day 2.....

Day 2... The adventure continues..

Today was a good day watching the PADI staff present and marking them!  We then got to role play the counselling of a IDC candidate and IDC staff instructor and watch James Morgan present a really interesting and funny presentation.

The afternoon pool session was entertaining for us and the other hotel guests.  With Suzanne Pleydell doing one of the most lady like rescues I have seen!  We then did some IDC marking with two groups combining, one as the students for the memnber of PADI staff and the other marking them.  We were marking first, after watching the skill being taught and debriefed we compared our scores with the control.

The groups then swapped round.  The other group was Japanese, so we had their translator translating into English for us.  One of our group has an italian translator, so it was interesting to say the least with Japanese to English to Italian!

The pool session finished with some rescue practice, that made the pool look there had been some major tradgey with 20 rescues all happening at once!

Tonight I am chilling in my room.. I must turn the temp on the air con up :)  Whilst eating pizza and drinking white wine.. Life is hard on the CDTC!

More tomorrow......!!!!!!

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