Tuesday 6 March 2012

Day 1...

The resort is the perfect background for the CDTC, with the lovely views and manicured gardens.

The first day of the CDTC is like the first day at a new school.  You do not know anyone and you are put into groups each given the name of a colour, my group is orange. The groups are made up with people from around the world with most continents represented.

We have had the orientation, discussed the knowledge reviews, marked exams and done a skill circuit in the pool.

After all this we had the opening day social which was a great chance to meet the people in the other groups and to chat to the PADI staff.

The start of the day everyone is anxious especially when we all had to stand up and talk about ourselves not usually something divers have an issue with but when you are standing up in a room of your peers the butterflies kick in!  The day ended with everyone on a high having passed some of the course on the first day!

I am not sure if it is the adrenalin wearing off or the wine kicking in but I am getting sleepy now so I will sign off... until tomorrow!

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