Monday 12 March 2012

Day 6 and 7....

One good reason to keep this blog is to keep track of where we are in the course and the course timetable.  If  I did not have my computer to tell me the day I would be lost!

Day 6 was time tabled as an optional day to do the digital underwater photography course.  I decided to have a rest.  This consisted of a lie in and a late breakfast,  you do realise you have stayed to long at breakfast when the start putting the food out for lunch!

The afternoon activities were really good fun.  We created a video for our marketing presentation today!  If yo have not seen it have a look at

We also created a web site and a facebook page.  A really big thank you to everyone that liked the page, added a testimonial or liked the posts on the page.

Day 7...

Today is a dry day for us... well dry inside  the hotel and pouring with rain outside!

It is the day we present our marketing plan to James and Danny to get them to choose our dive centre rather than one of the other 5 dive centres!  The video goes down well!

We find out who won the marketing challenge at the graduation banquet which centre gets to teach James Morgan and Danny Dwyer their IDC course.

This is followed by information from our local area office on who to contact about what for instructors exams etc.

We have a nice lunch..

Followed by or IDC Continuing Education presentations, everyone does really well so another part the CDTC is passed!

We then have a one-to-one counselling session with one of the PADI staff to talk about progress so far.

Tomorrow we are off the to Mamutik island for the day .....where are you tomorrow?

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