Saturday 10 March 2012

Day 4 and Day 5..

What has been happening the last two days?

Day 4 started in the pool, with a photo call with our favourite shark, Finley!

We then went on to present on first confined water presentation, mark some one and perform critique.  This went well and I passed all three sections!

....a break from doing the blog.....

... Back now... Sorry I just got distracted by the fabulous sunset!

The afternoon was our first prescriptive teaching presentation, mine was from rescue. Everyone did a great presentation and there were lots of laughs.

Last night I did some preparation for today, eat in my room. and fell asleep.... so sorry no blog!

Day 5.. THE SEA!!!!!!

After an early breakfast, we gathered in the lobby with our dive kit and got the bus to the marina, a short boat ride where we all got to wear orange life jackets.  So we were all now one big Orange team!

After a descent workshop, where I was a very naughty diver who decided to ignore my instructor and chase after a fish rather than follow the line down, we did our briefings and it was time to get in the sea!

All to soon the skills were over and it was time to come back to dry land :(  After debriefs it was back on the boat and back to the hotel for some lunch.

This afternoon's presentation was about social media, has anyone heard of Facebook, Blogs, Twitter... I have heard them mentioned somewhere but not sure it is something I would do and I do not think it will take off!

We then got to flex our Course Director muscles by presenting a presentation from the Instructor Development Course,  this was great fun!  Not least because I passed!

Tomorrow there are optional courses, I am not taking any of these so I can have a chill day and prepare for the rest of the course.

Look out tomorrow for my next adventure here in Kota Kinabalu..!

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