Wednesday 14 March 2012

Day 7 and day 8...

Sorry again I did not blog last night..  we had some prep to do for today.

Day 7... started EARLY... we needed to be in the lobby for 7.15 so I was up and packed for 6.00!

After a short bus ride we took the boat, in our orange life jackets, to Mamutik island. This would be our base for the day,  The first activity of the day was to admire a coconut tree under the direction of Alan... aka the descent workshop!  I was the naughty student who would rather swim after a fish than stay with the line and the group!

After we all gave our briefings (and marked one) it was time to dive!!  The skills went well and so did the rescues.  So all too soon it was over and time to get out of the salty stuff and back into the sun!  The skill debriefs completed and dive one passed!

A nice BBBQ lunch under the trees gave us a chance for the groups to mix!  We had a visit from a monitor lizard who stopped by to watch the precedings!

The afternoon was a repeat of the mornings dive with skill briefs, skills + marking someone and then debriefs. Then it was back to KK by boat .

Last night I was socialable and ate with the brothers Meschiari and Brad from team Satsuma before preparing for today!

Day 8... All chnage, due to the weather conditions deteriorating each day as the day went on it was decided to move the pm pool to the am.  The session went well, we were marked by Suzanne and Finley!  Finley is a tough but fair marker so if you get a good mark from her you know you have done well!

After posing for photos with Finley and Suzanne it was time for a shower and get some materials for this afternoon.

The first presentation went well, the second even better!  Although I did have a laptop malfunction but managed to get that sorted and then we had a group discussion on what a umbilical torch is called during the middle of my presentation!  I was very tempted to offer to teach the digital underwater photographer (DUP) instructor to James Morgan during my presentation!  For those reading this who do not know who James Morgan is he taught the DUP workshop in the middle of the CDTC.

So now we have two sections passed open water and confined water. Which means all the "wet" sections are completed and my kit is drying on the balcony.   We still have one classroom presentation to give tomorrow.

So tomorrow is the last day of the CDTC.... culminating in the graduation banquet and results of the marketing presentation!

Watch this space for news on that and the results of tomorrows presentation.......

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